Quesnel Festival of the Performing Arts

Dance: Registration Instructions

Dance Festival March 25–27, 2024


1. Go to https://quesnel.dancecompgenie.com – you should see the screen below with the QFPA logo. If you have used DanceComp Genie to register for other events you will be able to log on using the same username and password as before. You do not need to create a new account.

If you have never used DanceComp Genie, please go to “Add new account” at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the main DanceComp Genie page to create an account.

2. To Create a new account you will see the below fields. If you are registering independently (meaning the studio requires you to register your own solos, please enter your name in the Studio Name field. If you wish you may also enter your studio name; EX: “Oscar Grouch” or “Oscar Grouch, Garbage Can Noise Studio”. Both are correct ways to enter. Please use your information for the address and phone number so that we can contact you directly if any need arises.

3. Now Press the ‘Add New Registration’ Button:

4. You will need to select our event from the drop-down list.

5. Name your Routine and then click the ‘Add as a New Routine’ Bar:

6. Select your Dancers or Create New. If you had a previous DCG account you can ‘Select from Last Season’ to import any dancers already in the system from last season.
Once all dancers have been selected/created hit done:

  • Note for studios/dance accounts that have more than one dancer you can also update their performers on the home page by clicking “performers” located under the “Add New Registration” button

7. Next Complete your Routine:

8. Continue to Checkout:

9. Make sure all information is correct and all notes you wish the registration department to see are entered. Then hit ‘Continue to Checkout’.

10. Enter your dancers names you are paying for and accept the checkout. Make note of the payment instructions then accept ‘the terms and conditions of Quesnel’ (click on the link to view).

11. Fees may be paid by e-transfer to: qfpa_treasurer@outlook.com. Please add the performer’s name and details in the message section.

Alternatively, forms and fees can be mailed. All forms and fees (bank draft only issued to the Quesnel Festival of the Performing Arts) must be received by February 15, 2024. Please mail to:

QFPA Registrar Box 4374
Quesnel B.C V2J 3J4

Once the registration has been complete you can view and print all the details or log back in at any time and view the details from your dashboard. You will also receive a confirmation email. This will serve as your confirmation – you will not receive a separate confirmation from QFPA. You can go in and make changes to your entries before the registration deadline. Thank-you! We look forward to having you at our festival!

Performing Arts promotes creativity, self-discovery and expression. It is an essential part of our community. If you would like to be part of fostering the Arts in Quesnel, contact us!

Photo credits: Clarke Action Photography and Bob Michek at South Hill Graphics.

The Quesnel Festival of the Performing Arts is a partner-in-perpetuity with the Rotary Club of Quesnel.