Quesnel Festival of the Performing Arts

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Our Purpose

· To promote and foster a high standard in all forms of performing arts · To encourage local non competitive and competitive performances, workshops and opportunities · To create public awareness of local performing arts talent

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History of the QFPA

The first Quesnel Music Festival took place in 1983, with the inspiration and organization of two Quesnel piano teachers, Anne Garry and Sue Doughty. There were 80 entries that first year, and the Festival was a day and a half long.

Four years later, Sue Doughty, Linda Campbell and the parents of Quesnel ballet students organized the Quesnel Dance Festival, administered by the Quesnel Dance Society. Jazz and Tap , as well as school and community dance classes, were added in the years following.

By 1991, the Music Festival included Band & Instrumental and Vocal & Choral, as well as Piano. In 1992, Speech & Dramatic Arts was added. In 2001, the Music and Dance Festivals merged to form the united Quesnel Festival of the Performing Arts as we know it today.

Over the past 39 years of annual Festivals, many thousands of aspiring young performers have enjoyed their time in the spotlight. The chance to perform before an appreciative audience, and to receive constructive critiques from professional adjudicators, has always been a major part of what Festival is about.

Thanks to the vision and dedication of QFPA’s many volunteer organizers over the years, our community continues to have an event that celebrates and encourages the performing arts at its most grassroots level – among our children and youth. With the many ongoing broad governmental cuts to arts funding and support over the years, we are extremely happy and proud that our community is willing and able to continue to personally support this worthwhile cause!

Where We Are Today!

The QFPA is a not-for-profit society, run by a group of volunteers who are devoted to sparking and encouraging a life-long passion for the performing arts.

Our goal continues to be to provide a forum for students in Vocal & Choral, Dance, Band & Instrumental, Piano and Speech & Dramatic Arts, to perform in public before an experienced adjudicator. These performers receive training and opportunities above and beyond their regular field of study. By way of adjudications, constructive critiques and workshops, students gain greater knowledge and appreciation for the performing arts.

Families, friends, teachers and fellow community members have the opportunity to applaud Quesnel and areas “home-grown talent”. Our annual festival runs for six to eight weeks and is attended by over eight hundred participants from across the Province. We provide a positive environment where youth can create, learn and further develop their skills. Each discipline presents trophies, artistic performance awards, scholarships, and medals to outstanding participants. Top participants within the age range of 10-28 years may further be chosen by their adjudicators to attend the annual Provincial Festival of the Performing Arts.

Board Members


President: Delaine Milette
Vice President: Charlotte Petrie
Treasurer (appointed): Loretta Cameron
Secretary: Colleen Gauthier
Provincial Representative (appointed): Charlotte Petrie


Membership: Charity Williams
Registrar: Amy Collins
Dance Chairperson: Brianna Piercy, Lizaan MacDonald
Vocal & Choral Chairpersons: Melanie McKinnon & Bev Haluschak
Piano Director: Rona Loewen
Speech & Dramatic Arts Director: Dora Stobbe
Publicity/Social Media: Taya Yamamoto
Corporate Fundraising: Johannes McDonald
Rotary Representative: Cheri Maisonneuve

Performing Arts promotes creativity, self-discovery and expression. It is an essential part of our community. If you would like to be part of fostering the Arts in Quesnel, contact us!

Photo credits: Clarke Action Photography and Bob Michek at South Hill Graphics.

The Quesnel Festival of the Performing Arts is a partner-in-perpetuity with the Rotary Club of Quesnel.